Operation Fox Hunt

During the tour, the children are trained to become real secret agents. In the smallest tasks they have to prove their deduction skills, their knowledge and their teamwork – at least that is the plan. Because in the middle of the training everything turns out differently than expected: An agent has disappeared and now the kids have to take over his case. Now it’s up to them to carry out “Operation Fox Hunt” and put an end to a criminal gang.


The Elixir of Power

A miraculous find causes quite a stir in the city: A mysterious, ancient wooden cube was found during an excavation. All indications are that it contains a powerful formula: the formula for the philosopher’s stone! But only those with enough wisdom and courage will be able to unlock the secrets of the cube. Are you ready to embark on this fabulous mission? Then be careful: there are many who want to win the elixir of power for themselves!

Amateur detectives and sleuths beware!

Crime Academy

Have you always wanted to be Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple? Tracking down criminals, hunting down and securing clues…

On this tour, teams complete basic training to become investigators. The programme includes tracking techniques, evidence imaging and forensic techniques. Hot leads must be followed, clues combined and ransoms delivered.

Each team receives a tablet from us for the tour, on which a map with tasks is pre-installed. The team with the most points at the end wins the game!


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