Online Escape Game

The emergency procedure

In this series of puzzles, we follow the trail of a science journalist as she takes on a criminal syndicate.

Because this company not only has numerous crimes on their hands – it looks like they have a much bigger thing planned!

Journalist Anne has a plan of her own to put a stop to the consortium. But something seems to have gone wrong in the process….

This game has 3 episodes, which must be purchased individually one after the other!

1 - 5




~ 1,5


15 €

Episode 1
The emergency procedure

In the first part, a strange distress signal awaits you, sent directly to you! To pick up Anne’s trail, you’ll have to crack a lot of tricky escape puzzles. What happened to her, and what is this ominous emergency procedure for?

Find out where her trail gets lost!

Episode 2
The underground trail

In the second part you go on a rescue mission. And again the way is peppered with numerous puzzles. Until you find out what happened, you will have to help Sasha through difficult terrain. And maybe you will manage to find the secret headquarters of the Consortium?

Rating: Awarded with the Bullseye Award 2020 in the category “best storyline” for an escape online game!

Episode 3
The heart of the mountain

In the third part you can expect a thrilling and puzzle-laden finale that no real escape room can offer! Finally, you can set out on your own to put a stop to the dangerous consortium. But the way is long and as always paved with puzzles… Are you ready?

Immediately bookable and playable. You will receive the access code by e-mail directly after booking. The game code is valid for 6 months. With some e-mail providers the delivery can take up to one hour.

You need a PC/MAC or a laptop with good internet access. To solve the puzzles, it is mandatory to turn on the sound – you need sound/boxes! Furthermore you need the following:

  • Please use Chrome as your browser. It is a browser based game. You don’t need to download anything and can start right away.
  • Firefox or Safari will work as well. Internet Explorer will NOT work.
  • The game is laid out in 16 to 9 format. Click on the fullscreen icon in the left corner in the game or zoom out your browser view. (zoom out)
  • Use, Zoom, WhatsApp and co. for communication.
  • Get pen and paper ready.

You and your team enjoy an exciting adventure together at your home or at different locations. (For the multiplayer mode you share the link with your team members or use screensharing) As soon as you start the game, you will receive a short briefing and can check all technical settings again and adjust them if necessary.

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