Your girlfriend is getting married and you want her to have a big party with you beforehand? Then you’ve come to the right place. Missions that only best friends can master, fun tasks in the city, questions that shed light on the future married life: all this awaits you at a bachelorette party with THE KEY Tenerife! Our city rally is designed for fun and action, and is packed with tasks for the bride. Of course, she will be especially challenged and celebrated, with or without costume.

With our tablet, we send you on a fun city rally through the city, taking you to many special places in the city. You will have a variety of tasks to solve, pictures to take and fun to have. You’ll get to know and love the city outdoors – that’s a promise!

Teamwork is what counts! Many puzzles and missions can only be solved together. It’s great fun that will take you all over the city and let you discover the city in a new way. At the same time, it’s an exciting day out with your best friends before the stress of the wedding really kicks in.

The city rally can last up to 5 hours, but you are free to decide what you want to do. You can choose the places you want and, if you want, you can stop at a bar and have a glass of champagne in between. It’s completely up to you if you want to skip the embarrassing chores and devote more time to culture or maybe do both.

Another advantage: if the bride-to-be is pregnant, you can completely dispense with alcohol during the treasure hunt and still have fun. Thanks to the various quests and puzzles with a local connection to the city, themed to the bachelorette party.

Of course, all photos and videos taken during the party visit will be available for free download.

There is more…

So that nothing is missing for the perfect day, you can go a little further!

In addition to the bachelorette party tour, you can book several functions:


Depending on the event, it is possible to book an individual beverage option. We will prepare a beverage package to suit the group. Whether before or after, there are no limits to your imagination.

Champagne reception
Cocktail “WELCOME”
Beer -Welcome

Are you hungry?

Dinner or snack? Through our diverse and experienced on-site cooperation partners, we have the possibility to offer a “before” snack or “after” catering for each group.

Whether it’s catering, dinner or a snack, anything is possible!