Amateur detectives and sleuths watch out!

You are a big group … you wanted to have fun together … play against each other, the team with the most points wins!


Santa Cruz will be your playground

Shadowing criminals, hunting and securing clues? Then you’ve come to the right place with The Key’s Crime Academy!

On this tour, the teams complete the basic training to become investigators. The program includes shadowing techniques, evidence pictures and forensic techniques.

Hot leads must be followed, clues must be combined, and ransom drops must be made.

The city becomes your own playing field. About 50 location-based tasks are waiting to be mastered by you.


Here’s how your game might go:

  • 13:45: Gathering of the agents at the secret meeting point.
  • 14:00: Welcome, game briefing and handing out of the material
  • 14:15: The agent training begins
  • 14:15 -17:00: Solving the first own case
  • 17:00: Handing in of the game material at the secret meeting point

You and your team will meet at the secret meeting point with your personal game leader and will be instructed in the course of your training.

Punctual appearance is therefore especially important to us!

Children are of course welcome to join the tour, but they must always be accompanied by an adult!

It is best to contact us beforehand regarding the age of the child. The puzzles are definitely too difficult for young children.