Beat the Bachelor


To find out if the groom-to-be is really ready for marriage, we have developed an urban rally of a different kind. He has to prove himself one last time in varied challenges against his peers.

The groom has to compete alone against his peers one on one in the well-known duel format during the BEAT THE BACHELOR – TOUR. He will be challenged again and again by one of the group members and, of course, he will have to face you. Sometimes you have to defeat him in ONE against ONE, but sometimes as a team.

We have developed a city tour for you, so that you not only have fun with the game, but at the same time get to know the city a little better. Another advantage is that shopping facilities are always nearby. In addition to signposted supermarkets, kiosks, etc., you will also find one or two small pub tips that you can visit during or after the tour. Of course, the tour can also be done without alcohol. So if you don’t like to drink, you can still participate.

We don’t know the place!

No problem at all. You play and navigate everything via an iPad, which we will provide you with. You can see all the tasks in advance on the built-in map, but you have to be in the vicinity of the locations to play and solve them. Each individual point is GPS based and can usually only be solved within a 30 meter radius.

After about 4-5 hours we will know if you have what it takes to be a boyfriend or not. No excuses like “I have to do it all by myself” and don’t get along later in the marriage.

Of course, all photos and videos taken during the party visit will be available for free download.

There’s more …

So that nothing is missing for the perfect day, you can go a little further!

In addition to the bachelorette party tour, you can book several functions:


Depending on the event, it is possible to book an individual drinks option. We will prepare a drinks package to suit the group. Whether before or after the battle, there are no limits to your imagination.

Champagne reception
Cocktail “WELCOME”
Welcome Beer

Are you hungry?

Dinner or snack? Through our diverse and experienced on-site cooperation partners, we have the possibility to offer a “before” snack or “after” catering for each group.

Whether it’s catering, dinner or a snack, anything is possible!