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The Key - Live Escape Game in Tenerife

Why a farewell has never been so funny!

Make your friend say goodbye to the big time of the bachelorette-/bachelorhood before starting the path of marriage. And, of course, with the best confidants. With The Key Tenerife you can have an extraordinary experience of closing a chapter and starting a new one in an exciting, entertaining and unique way.


We will wait for you!

bachelorette and bachelor party

  • Max. 6 players per room
  • Souvenir photo
  • Please inquire in advance by e-mail


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Write us briefly when and with how many people you would like to come. We will contact you immediately to find the right date for your event.


The Key Tenerife

Bravo Murillo, 16

38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

info@thekey-tenerife.es +34 822 77 54 18 Google Maps