The Key is a game for groups that consist of persons within a range of age of between 10 and 99 years. Kids who are less than or exactly 14 years old have to arrive in company of a legal guardian or a consent form. The operators of The Key reserve the right to deny the access without further explication. Tickets can not be exchanged for cash. The operators reserve the right to change, close or eliminate all of the attraction’s elements for technical, operational or any other reasons without any notice beforehand. In such cases, the entrance fee can not be refunded.


Reservation conditions

1. Booking

All of the group members listed in the reservation are required to give their approval to the person responsable for said reservation. In the case of a group member being a minor (less than 18 years old), the consent of a legal guardian or parent has to be proven. The person responsible for the group is also responsible for the punctual payment. The responsible person has to be over 18 years old at the time of reservation. Reservations are done on our website, Your reservation will be confirmed with a reservation number and an e-mail. The confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address that you have indicated on the website. However, it can happen that a confirmation is not received due to various errors, e.g. the confirmation getting lost in the spam folder. If sent out and received correctly, the ticket serves as a proof of the reservation for the rooms booked. Please check your confirmation after receiving it. If there are any errors in the confirmation or if it is incomplete, please contact us immediately as belated modifications are not possible.

1.1. FSK (Voluntary Self Regulation Body of the Movie Industry) regulations:

If adolescents are 14 years and older, they can try out our rooms but we recommend a companion. Children that are 10 years and older in the company of an adult count as full persons and thus have to pay the full price.

If they are less than 10 years old, children can enter the rooms for free with regard to the number of adults that are part of the group and the maximum number of the room. This regulation can be cancelled by The Key in the context of special offers for groups.


2. Payment

Currently (as of November 2022), payment is only possible online, during booking with PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card. Furthermore, there is a corporate rate for companies which, in addition to payment on account, offers some advantages for large groups.

2.1 Payment on account:

Payment must be made immediately without deduction after invoicing.


3. Contract

With the assignment of the reservation number, a binding contract between you and us is created.


4. Cancelations and modifications on your part

You have the possibility of cancelling or postponing your appointment without any cost up to 72 hours before the appointment. In order to do so, an e-mail to will suffice. If the group consists of 13 or more persons or respectively a reservation of 3 teams per game you will have to cancel 7 days beforehand. If this deadline is not met, the operators of The Key reserve the right to bill the minimum reservation fee of the corresponding story/room(s).

4.1. Cancelations and modifications on our part : Occasionally, a correction of certain details, errors or modifications on our part can occur. In the course of this, it can happen that we have to cancel or modify reservations that have already been confirmed. We reserve the right to do so in such cases.


5. Force majeure

If not contrastly specified in the present document, we deeply regret not being able to assume any liability or pay any compensation in cases in which we can not provide the service or immediately fulfill our contractual duties or in which these are impaired or affected or if you suffer any other kind of damage o loss due to a „force majeure“ (as described more precisely in the following clause 7 (1)). In these terms and conditions, the term „force majeure“ refers to a event that The Key could not predict or avoid although having exercised all necessary caution. Such events could be: War, riots, civil war, terrorist acivities, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, threatening climatic conditions, fires or any other equivalent events that we can not control.


6. Our responsibilities towards you

6.1. We promise you to assure that the regulations concerning the tickets that we carry out, execute or provide as a part of our contract with you and with the terms and conditions are carried out, executed and provided with the respective knowledge and care. This means that according to these terms and conditions we take responsibility of the following cases which serve as examples: You are affected by an injury or disease which makes it impossible for you to appear at the location at the time of the appointment; the contractual regulations are not provided or incorrectly provided on our part or on the part of our empolyees due to a failure to comply with appropriate care in the course of the carrying out, executing or providing of the contractual regulations. Please note that it is your responsibility to prove that the adequate care and knowledge were not provided if you would like make any claims. Furthermore, we only take responsibility for our employees‘ activities if these were in an employment relationship with us and were executing work for which we had contracted them beforehand.

6.2. We do not take responsibility for any kind of injuries, cases of death, losses, damages, expenses, cost or any other sums respectively claims of any kind that are cause of the following: The actions and/ or omissions of the affected persons or groups members or the actions/ ommissions of a third party which are in no way related to the services during your stay and which were not forseeable or avoidable or a „force majeure“ as described in section 6.

6.3. Please note that we can not assume the responsibility for any kind of service that has not been set in this contract. These include for example any kind of extra service or installation related that are assured to you by a provider as long as these services and installations are not advertised in our brochure or on our website so that we are not obliged to their fulfillment.

6.4. The garanties related to the services we have assured you in writing in this contract are the base for the decision in questions about whether the correspondent services have been provided adequately.

6.5. Please note that we can not assume the responsibility for any damage, loss, expense or other amount(s) that are (1) based on information you did not provide during the reservation and thus before the acceptance on our part, inlcuding us not being able to predict that these would arise in the case of a violation of the contract or (2) not based on a violation of the contract or another kind of fault on our or our employees‘ or – if they are in our responsibility – our providers. Also, we can not assume the responsibility for any kind of loss of business.

6.6. You have to give us and our insurers all kinds of support demanded at an appropriate level. Moreover, you have to inform us and the affected provider about your claim or reclamation as explained in clause 10. If asked to do so, you will have to give us and our insurers all of the rights towards the provider or any other party that is responsible for your claim or reclamation (if you are a minor, this will have to be done by a parent or a legal guardian). You also have to agree to total cooperation with us and our insurers if we or our insurers want to comply with a transmitted right.


7. Your responsibilities

Reservations are accepted under the condition that every person that arrives is in good and healthy state and capable of fulfilling the physical and psychicological/ mental requirements of the attraction. It is your responsibility to assure that all of the group members are in possession of the travel documents and health certificates before leaving. We can not take responsibility or cost that arise if the entering of public transport or the entrance to the attraction’s country rejected as long as this is based on a breach of the carrying of the necessary and correct documents.


8. Providers’ conditions

Many of the services that are a part of your visit are arranged by independent providers. These providers carry out these services according to their own requisites and conditions. Many of these requisites and conditions can – in accordance with applied international conventions – limit or exclude the responsibility that the provider has towards you. If wished, copies of the relevant parts of these requisites and conditions are available at the provider involved.


9. Reclamations and other problems

In the unlikely event of you wanting to complain about something about your visit to The Key or if there is any problem, you have to inform us immediately. Every oral notification has to be recoverd in written text as soon as possible. We can only solve or deal with a problem if we are informed about it. In order to be able to do so, you have to contact our team within 28 days after your visit, indicating your reservation number as well as giving detailed information about your reclamation. Unfortunately, we can not take responsibility in cases in which the deadline is not met and thus the reclamation is not made according to this clause with the exception of cases of death, personal injuries or disease.


10. Specific issues and medical problems

If you have specific issues or requests you have to notify us in the course of your reservation. Although we always strive for your satisfaction and forward all of the appropriate requests, we can not guarantee you that these will be complied with. The breach of a certain wish does not count as a violation of contract on our side. A confirmation of a request being noted or forwarded to the provider or a mention of it on the invoice or any other document does not count as a confirmation of the request being fulfilled.If not clearly and confirmed explicitly, every specific request depends on its availability.


11. Recording

As part of our continous striving to guarantee a maximum service standard for you, we can record your call for training purposes. Furthermore, we reserve the right to publish fotos taken by us if not wished contrarily in an explicit manner.


12. Arrival and journey

Please ensure that you have directions to the relevant The Key location for the game of your choice;
For more information, please refer to the emails sent with your booking.


13. Parking

Please inform about parking facilities near the location you will be visiting. The parking is always at risk of the vehicle’s owner.


14. Delays

Keep in mind that The Key is a live event. As the rooms are prepared for each reservation and blocked for its duration it is your responsibility to arrive timely and calculate for possible sources of delay as for example traffic, public transport and other factors. If you arrive behind schedule, the service agreed upon can not be offered and thus the entrance to the attraction can not be granted. The ticket expires and you have no right to receive any refunds. Moreover, we reserve the right to bill the entire price due to the inconvenience your absence has caused (If not agreed differently beforehand).


15. Entry

The operators of The Key can reject any person that wants to enter the location if there are reasons to suspect that the person in question could cause inconvenience during the game, general operating procedures or for other visitors of the attraction due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs or other reasons.


16. Vandalism

Every player receives detailed instructions at the beginning of the event. At this moment, safety rules will also be explained. We reserve the right to bill every intentional destruction of inventory or game objects.


17. Filming and photography

The players are not authorized to film or photograph inside the rooms. All of the events in the rooms as well as the rooms themselves belong to the protected and copyrighted works according §2 of the german copyright law. The photographing, recording and filming are prohibited. The operators of The Key will file a complaint to the body in charge of the application of the law in the case of any illegal recording of the event or parts of the event.


18. Conditions of participation in draws and other campaigns

These general terms and conditions affect all of the draws carried out by The Key. They are complementary to extraordinary conditions of participation if these are communicated with the correspondent draw and added afterwards. Every adult can participate in their own name. The closing date is indicated individually.

18.1. The current draw (xxxx) begins on the TT.MM.JJJJ at SS:MM h and ends on the TT.MM.JJJJ at SS:MM h.

18.2. The objects of the draw are: XXX

18.3. The participation happens via e-mail: or via a comment on Facebook. You can only participate once. You can only take part if you give us your complete contact data (name, address and phone number).

18.4. The winners are determined at random the day after and informed by a message.

18.5. All of the data will be deleted after at most 30 days after the draw. Only the winners‘ contact data will be registered and used for the delivery of the prize. There is no forwarding of the data to any third parties. The participants have the legal rights to information, change and revocation.

18.6. The draw has no connection to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook. The recipient of the data provided by the participant is not Facebook but The Key.

18.7. The Key reserves the right to cancel or end the draw at every moment and without any previous notification and indication of reasons.

18.8. Serverability clause: If one of the clauses of the participation conditions becomes invalid, the validity of the others is not touched. The respective valid legal norms take the place of the clause that has become invalid.